Terms and Conditions of Sale (TCS)

Company Name: Trend Agency Limited Company
Address: 213 Nanai Road Tambon Patong, Amphoe Kathu, Chang Wat Phuket 83150
Email: contact@bluereef.app
Phone: 0650094068

Application Description

The mobile application “Blue” is intended for reef aquarium enthusiasts. Key features include measuring water parameters, tracking statistics, access to a collection of detailed profiles on fish, corals, and invertebrates, sections for starting in aquarium keeping, a user community, sharing options on the web and social networks, as well as a monthly draw to win animals or equipment.

Prices and Subscriptions

The application download is free. There is a 3-day trial period. Afterward, the subscription is €4.99 per month. For registration, payment information will be required. Two subscriptions are offered: the monthly subscription at €4.99 and the annual subscription at €54.99. The annual subscription is non-refundable.

Payment Methods

Accepted payment methods are those provided by the Apple Store and the Play Store.

Subscription Renewal

At the end of the trial period, the premium subscription automatically starts if the user does not cancel the subscription in their Apple or Google account settings.

Subscription Cancellation

If the user cancels their monthly plan, access to the application remains available until the theoretical renewal date. After this date, the customer can log into the application but will not have access to features or information unless they renew their subscription.

Intellectual Property

The information and content of the Blue application are the property of Trend Agency Limited Company.

Authorized Use

It is strictly prohibited to copy, duplicate, or use content for purposes not intended by the company.


User data is kept for 6 months after the deletion of their account and may be used for commercial purposes on the Blue application by Trend Agency Limited Company.


Trend Agency Limited Company cannot be held responsible for any issues related to the use of the application in connection with customers’ aquariums.

TCS Notification

TCS will be made known to each user during their registration. For already registered subscribers, a notification and email will be sent to them.

Applicable Law

The applicable laws are Thai laws.


Usage and Posting Charter for Classified Ads in Blue :


  • Blue is an app for reef and marine aquaristics enthusiasts, providing a platform to post classified ads in this field.
  • The aim is to enable hobbyists to sell equipment, fish, and corals legally and ethically.

Ocean Protection and Ecological Responsibility

  • Acknowledges the ecological crisis affecting marine life.
  • Advocates for limiting fishing and exports, and encourages coral propagation and private trading to protect marine ecosystems.

Blue Users

  • Intended for individual aquarists.
  • Businesses need written permission for commercial or promotional use.

Protected Species Law

  • Regulated by the CITES Washington Convention, which manages the trade of endangered species.
  • Trading protected species is prohibited.
  • Legal transfer of animals with required documentation (like CERFA 16198*01 in France) is allowed.

Limits and Legality

  • Aquarium keeping should remain a hobby, not for financial gain.
  • Transfer of corals or fish must comply with laws and ethics.

Rules for Posting Ads

  • An active account is needed to post.
  • Ads must have accurate category, title, description, price, and photos.
  • Ads are manually validated.
  • Right to remove non-compliant ads.

Responding to Ads

  • An active account is needed to respond.
  • Transactions are the responsibility of sellers and buyers.
  • Blue does not intervene in disputes.

This charter aims to promote responsible and environmentally respectful aquaristics, adhering to current laws.

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