The application dedicated to the reef world

Blue gives you the ability to manage your aquarium and join a community of enthusiasts.

But not only…

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Blue has everything for you

Blue gives you the ability to manage your aquarium and join a community of enthusiasts.

But not only…


With a comprehensive tool

You can manage your measurements and track their evolution


Organize tasks for your aquarium, notifications, reminders, recurrence.


Identify and deepen your knowledge of corals or fish.


Share your aquarium data with a simple click, measurements, living organisms, etc…


Share, get help, and discover the aquariums of other members.


Sell and exchange with other reef enthusiasts for free and easily.

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News & Updates

Stay informed about all the news and novelties in the marine world.

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Find your next inhabitants or equipment from professionals.

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The first application that

accompanies you daily


Managing your

aquarium daily

In your blue application, you can follow and manage your parameters. This allows you to quickly track the evolution of your tank. Thanks to our system, you can share your latest measurements or measurements from your month with your friends. They will then have access to a dynamic page allowing them to view all measurement records.


Discover, learn

with our collection

In blue, you have access to a database listing fish, corals, and detritivores. Thanks to this, you can identify species, know their needs, parameters, food, etc. You can thus discover new species to complement your tank. In each record, our partners give you the opportunity to buy them directly on their site.


Plan all

your activities

To never forget anything, we have developed a tool allowing you to create a task list. With this, you can define one-time or recurring tasks so as not to forget anything. You also have the option of using a predefined task list and activating alerts that you can receive by notification directly on your mobile.

Sharing becomes so simple

Animated visual of navigation in the sharing page

We know that it is essential for you to be able to share your data with your friends. For this, we have developed a playful and dynamic sharing system. When you share data, people accessing it do not need to have the application and can therefore navigate on a page containing your measurements but also information about your aquarium. Accessible on all devices, this tool will quickly become indispensable to you.

Blue is not just an app, it’s also a commitment to the environment. We are proud to support coral reintroduction projects. Every Blue subscriber contributes to this cause. Together, we can make a difference and help preserve our precious marine ecosystem.

By joining Blue, you become a partner in this essential mission, contributing to a healthier and more flourishing ocean for future generations.

For every new subscriber, Blue donates a portion of the subscription to reintroduce corals on the reef of the small island of Koh Talu.

It’s not all!

Our application is evolving, and many other features are coming soon.

Classified Ads

Coming soon

Publish your classified ads between individuals to sell and exchange.


Coming soon

Manage all your devices from Blue, Light, Pump, etc… one app to manage everything.


Coming soon

From Blue, access a marketplace where you can buy equipment, fish, corals, etc…


Coming soon

Stay connected to reef news with our news and information.

Dedicated Reef AI

Coming soon

Blue will soon incorporate an AI capable of recognizing species.

Abyss Pro & Vision Plus

Coming soon

With our ambition, we want to develop a connected tool capable of taking your measurements automatically.

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